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We believe that there is no better way to explore rural India than on horseback.

There are many unknown tracks through the beautiful Arravali mountains, past small villages, lakes and rivers, which are only accessible on foot or on horse-back. After years of research have discovered the most beautiful and interesting tracks for our safaris.

We provide a complete worry-free safari. We take care of everything: transportation of your luggage from camp to camp, large comfortable tents, excellent freshly prepared meals, professional staff to look after your horse and above all a very experienced English speaking guide. You just have to ride our beautiful Marwari horses, enjoy the scenery and relax at our well organized camp.. We will try our best to give you the experience of a life-time.
Our horses
All  horses bred and stabled at Krishna ranch are pure Marwaris, a breed found only in India. They are svelte hipped, crescent eared, long haired, tall and energetic creatures, and amazingly soft to touch. They are beautiful to look at, and a dream to ride. Bred as war horses, their stamina and willingness to go is evident from the start.

Our horses are loved and cared for by Dinesh and our equestrian staff in all aspects: well fed, well shoed, well groomed and well ridden.  At the ranch our horses have spacious stables and a large paddock. 
Your guide
Dinesh Jain, your guide, has been working with horses for 25 year. He is passionate about Marwari horses and is always happy to share his knowledge about them. 

Krishna ranch is also a horse-breeding ranch. Many of the horses used for safaris were raised at Krishna Ranch and personally trained by Dinesh. He thoroughly knows the character of each horse which makes him an excellent guide. Dinesh is very familiar with the culture and nature of the area and fluent in English. There will be extra experienced guides assisting Dinesh if the groups are larger than 4 participants or if the group consist of people with different riding abilities.
The safaris
The tracks on our safaris include a variety of terrain: quiet tracks near farmland, open riverside country, rocky ravines, leafy forest paths and wide trackways, close to local cultural and natural beauty spots.
We will pass many traditional small villages. The Arravalis are home of the Bhil-tribe which culture is still very much alive in these villages.

You will ride 30 to 35 kilometers per day: around 3 hours before the lunch-break and 2 hours after lunch. Usually we reach our camp between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. At some camping-spots there is a possibility to swim in the very clean Banas river. At other camping-spots we will visit a temple, farm or the Kumbhalgarh fort.

An intermediate level of riding is required on the safaris. When we have larger groups alternative routes will  planned for parts of each day so that the more confident of the group can enjoy gallops and those who prefer a more leisurely pace are guided by one of the well trained team at walk and trotting pace.

We always take at least one extra horse in case somebody likes to change, or if for some reason a horse is not able to join the ride anymore

For non-rider companions there is a possibility to drive from camp to camp in our jeep and meet up with the group in the evenings.
The camp
We have found beautiful spots to put up our safari-camps, usually in the middle of nature, near a river or lake or near a small village. Sometimes we sleep in a small forest rest-house or at the premises of a local farm or temple. Our safari-tents are very spacious equipped with comfortable beds. A toilet/shower tent will be provided at the camping place. For larger groups we will take our trolley with 2 toilets and 2 showers . The camp has already been put up by our team when you arrive in the afternoon. You can immediately relax with a cup of tea. In the evenings we will have our dinner near a campfire. We serve a variety of vegetarian curries, rice, and Indian breads for lunch and dinner. Breakfast consists of omelettes, porridge, fresh fruits, yoghurt, cornflakes and breads.
4 days- safari Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh
On this safari we will ride mainly through the Arravali mountain-range. The magnificent mountain landscape with its meandering rivers, large lakes and picturesque tribal villages will leave an unforgattable impression. On the evening of the third day we will take you to an ancient Shiva-temple, situated in the middle of the jungle. The atmosphere and sounds of the evening-puja (religious ceremony) are unforgettable.

The last part of the safari goes via a beautiful valley to the majestic Kumbhalgarh fort. The fort is built on an 1,100 meter peak and has stunning views on the surrounding landscape.
5 days safari Udaipur to Ranakpur
The first 4 days are similar to the Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh safari. The 5th day we will ride through the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary which has a variety of flora and fauna and is home of many endangered species like wolf, leopard, hyena, jackal and sloth bear.

The safari finishes in Ranakpur where you can visit the impressive Ranakpur Jain temple famous for its beautiful marble carvings. The temple is an astounding creation of architectural splendor with 29 halls and 1,444 pillars all distinctly carved, no two pillars being alike.
7 days safari Udaipur to Ranakpur (Ghanerao & Narlai)
The first 5 days are similar to the Udaipur to Ranakpur safari. After the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife sanctuary we will ride through semi-desert and impressive rocky areas to Ghanerao town. Ghanerao is well known for its many Jain and Hindu temples. There is also a beautiful palace where we will have afternoon tea. The journey goes on to Narlai, located on the border of the vast Thar desert. This area is particulary suitable for canters and gallops.

The last part of the safari passes through many villages of nomads (Raika’s), a tribe which travels most of the year with their camels and sheep through Rajasthan.
Pushkar fair safari 2018(10 days)
On 9th of November 2018 we will start our 10 day Pushkar fair safari. An unforgettable ride from Udaipur to the world famous Pushkar Camel fair.

We will ride the first 5 days through the beautiful Arravali mountains, passing lakes, rivers and remote tribal villages. On the way it is possible to visit the majestic Kumbhalgarh fort.

The last 5 days we will ride through (semi) desert areas to Pushkar which we will reach on 18th of November. The fair ends on 23rd of November, so you will have plenty of time to visit the fair. A free ride on the fairground is included.

Price depends on the number of participants and route.  You can contact us for more information and detailed itineraries.
All safaris include:

  • Transportation from Udaipur city to the ranch
  • Horses and equipment
  • 3 meals per day, coffee, tea, mineral water
  • Professional English speaking guide on extra horse
  • Jeep for transportation of luggage and equipment
  • Overnight stay in spacious tents with comfortable beds
  • All supporting staff: cook, equestrian staff etc
  • Transportation of horses back to Udaipur (by truck)
  • Transportation of participants back to Udaipur (optional)